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Welcome to my official site. You can find me on twitter as @MadelineRue. I am a reader and writer of Young Adult Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

Currently on my TODO LIST:

  • Revising  a short story set in the distant future where a time-traveling prisoner finds herself stranded and must choose to either stay true to her sworn mission or give up everything she knows for a small chance at hope.
  • Editing a YA Romance short story set in a small town (with a possible ghost in an attic.)
  • Revising a full-length YA Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy filled with romance, Otherworld monsters, and jellyfish science. (And I may start on a MG Science Fiction novel that is the prequel to this one).
  • Putting finishing touches on a YA Horror set in a small town for fans of Stranger Things.
  • Reimagining a shelved Cold War fantasy.
  • WIP: A YA Mystery set in a surfing town on the California Coast.

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