FAQs About Me

  • In elementary school, I was behind for my reading level until I started reading comic books.
  • My writing voice is the same as it was when I was a teen, except back then, it was so much more sarcastic.
  • Mint chocolate chip ice cream!
  • I’m Mexican Irish (and many other things).
  • I survived a backstage apocalypse (a live event where everything that could go wrong went wrong).
  • I almost had frostbite as a child during the cold Central Cali winters (I had forgotten my mittens).
  • My appendix ruptured, and I nearly died when I was fourteen.
  • As a teen, I wrote B-Movie-type scripts to entertain my friends with great titles like Attack of the Killer Tumbleweeds and Just Visiting This Planet. Later in life, I was attacked by cholla cactus in the Anza Borrego desert.
  • As a child, I explored every neighborhood I lived in and drew maps (sometimes extending those to maps of other worlds).
  • My pitbull lab mix and my friend’s boxer mix saved us from a pack of wild dogs in the Glamis desert.
  • I’m not sure when I stopped drawing monsters, but I never stopped creating monsters in my head for my stories.
  • I collect notebooks even if I don’t need anymore ever.